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Manufacturer: Apple Computer Head Assembly Removal and Handling


Once the datacables and screws are removed you remove the head assembly by lifting it on the side that has the bar. The other side has a small shaft that sticks out and sits in the groove on the worm gear (corkscrew shaft). This is the first place you want to clean. Remove any build up that is on the shaft and brass support below from the head assembly. SEE BELOW FOR PROPER HEAD ASSEMBLY HANDLING.

 The Head Assembly should only be handled from the rear as shown in these two pictures. DO NOT separate the head by hand. You will more than likely damage it. The brass colored thin metal sheet that holds the top head to the back is actually spring tensioned and is what holds the head onto the surface of the disk to read/write. Without the pressure it will not work.

 This is the reason you do not not want to move this. In this side view you see the head assembly being held from the rear, this is the only way you should hold it. You have been warned. After cleaning the shaft/brass support off place the head asside.

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