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Apple Drive in the PC Drive Bracket


With the right side modification completed and the faceplate 'flattened' from the inside you are ready to check it all and see how it fits. There is a slight chance that you will have to lower the Apple drive in the PC drive backet. A few PC Drive brackets hold thier drives about 1/8" inch higher. This is rather simple. Just enlarge the screw holes a little in the
drive bracket so that the Apple drive will 'settle' down a little bit. Tighten the screws with the drive on the table so it settles down evenly. Test instert a disk into the drive. It should slide smoothly in and out of the assembly. Some adjustment may be needed.
   In this picture you can see that the Apple Drive (Yellow Disk) is a little lower than the PC drive (Red Disk) so the drive will need to be lowered in the bracket. This may apply for both 3.5" and 5.25" mounting. That is, installing it in a 3.5" drive bay in a PC tower case.
   This is the drive from the front view. I only have the right side on. The drive door from the PC drive faceplace may also need to be removed if it does not have a long enough tab on it to stay on top of the drive when it is in the up position (no disk in drive) or does not stay on top of an inserted disk. The Apple drive takes the disk in a little further than a PC drive does. This is why you have to wait until this step
to decide if this will be a problem. The door needs to either stay open when no disk is in the drive and then stay on the top of the mechanism when the drive has a disk in it or it will be closed when there is no disk, but when a disk is inserted the tab on it will ride the top of the disk and be pushed back up as the disk rises and is ejected. If you have a drive door the disk may not eject as much as your used to because of the friction on the top by the door. I recommend removing the door.

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