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  Refurbishing your 3.5" Apple Drive Assembly

These pages cover disassembling and re-assembling your drive. While this procedure is not difficult, it is NOT FOR EVERYONE. If you feel any of this is above you then by all means seek assistance. Print out these pages and have someone do it with you. This information is provided AS-IS and I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for ANY ACTIONS caused by the USE OR MISUSE of this information. You have been Warned.

*** Please READ ALL these PAGES before embarking on this project! ***

As shown during KansasFest '98, the following pages will show you how to disassemble your drive. For reassembly, follow the pages backward if needed, or make notes.

All metal surfaces are cleaned and degreased completely - and I use silicone spray as the only lubricant.

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UniDisk 3.5" (Liron) Analog Card

This board has the connectors for both drives, as it is from the drive pictured above. The production version of this did not include the second set of connectors however if you added them and built your own drive case, the board would support two drives without any more modifications.

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