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This site contains over 500 images of Apple ][ Hardware and a few others as well. More are added every few weeks or so. There are some interesting things in here. A lot of things that never made it to market and a lot of things that are not as you may remember them. One never imagined there were so many internal modems made for the Apple ][. In a lot of ways the Apple II set the wheels in motion for computers today, a lot more then you may realize. There's a little Apple ][ in just about everything.
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Dedicated to celebrating the Apple ][. The First Personal Computer, the personal computer that set the standards of many things big and small. Look around here and you too, will discover the many secrets and amazing things the Apple ][ still has to offer.

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"Reaching New Heights!"

These pictures are of the Mark Twain in some unique locations. The most interstinging one was taken on the Continental Divide at Loveland Pass, Colorado. The little white patch to the left of the monitor is what is left of the snow season, this is in the last week of July on the way home from KansasFest of '96. I guess I got some strange looks, but I couldn't resist. It was a picture perfect view.
"History In the Making. Again. (And Again)!"

 A IIgs it shall be.

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