The Apple IIgs Portable Experiement.

Gus & Eddie were just dreams on the fore front. The Quest for portability.

 Dyna IIGS meets Portable IIGS
In the Left Corner:

In the Right Corner

 Portables Side-by-side

  Apple IIgs ROM '4' Motherboard

11 MHz Zip GSX
1.44 MB FDHD

Mono VGA Passive Matrix 640 x 480 Liquid Crystal Display with flourescent backlight.

  Apple IIgs ROM 3 Motherboard

Apple High Speed SCSI Card.
800K FD

Amber Composite 4" CRT "Super fine pitch" :) monitor

  The First Apple IIgs Portable made it's debut at Apple Expo East Boston '92. It visited Apple for the now infamous "Operation Apple Storm" and has been used on comercial flights, airports, a boat, several cars and hotels nationwide. Many Genie RTC's were had with this one. At Apple Expo West the following year in San Fransisco the portable was seen on QVision. The Dyna IIgs was first concieved during KFest of '94. The Dremel noise echo'ed the halls of Avila ever since.
Apple IIgs

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 Yes, Piece-o-ZipGS

Sometimes.. you need a hammer. 

Building A Portable or putting an Apple II into a PC or Macintosh desktop or tower case. There is really not much difference between building either a Portable or Alternate Cased Apple II system. The main difference is that the portable is a little smaller and requires somewhat more planning and aquisition of esoteric parts. Also required is alot more work in getting the pieces to fit where you want. Some things are meant to be, somethings have to forced. Your job will be about right down the middle of the road between those two extremes.

 Pictoral Explanations

The Portable Images


..but thanks to the Dremel Company...

 Our job is accomplished much easier. Things need to be hacked, chopped, gutted and more if you really want it to fit. Cards may need to be on their side, keyboards made smaller, drives put into different mounting brackets behind strange faceplates. How much of this is nessesary? As much or as little as it takes to utililize the enclosure choices you have made.

 Chopped Off Keyboard

 Portable IIgs Drive View

 One of the biggest concerns in this type of project is the disk drive. There are many ways to attack this portion of the project. You will learn that your local PC Clone Store can be your best freind throughout this whole project. You will discover that alot of basic hardware items can be used, and used well.

 DynaGS Drive View

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