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1998 12 2 4:11:40 PM TWGS-32K16MHz

TransWarp 32K / 16MHz Mod Details

[ View Image ] TransWarp GS 8K Cache Card unmodified
[ View Image ] TransWarp GS 32K installed on 8K Cache Card
[ View Image ] TransWarp GS 32K Cache Card Top View (For thickness)
[ View Image ] TransWarp GS 64K Cache Card Installed on TransWarp GS
[ View Image ] TransWarp GS 64K Engineering Prototype* Cache Card Closeup
[ View Image ] This RAMFast is compatible with no problems. Nothing has been done to it.
[ View Image ] TransWarp ][ 8MHz DMA Compatible Apple ][, //e Accelerator.
[ View Image ] Titan Accelerator //e 3.6MHz

Additional TransWarp GS 32K Mod images as referenced in a Summer 2001 Juiced.GS Article. [ TWGS 32K Mods ]

* The TWGS 64K Cache is a 'Production Run of One' project. Ok, well, two. One built and one blank PCB. It works to a degree, much the same that putting a ROM from an 8K on a 32K cache, the cache is not initialized on powerup properly and can prove to be troublesome. I never finished the ROM version for it.

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