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Manufacturer: Applied Engineering
Configuration Points on the 8K Cache Daughter Board.
Close-up of Jumper Modifications
There are 5 configuration bow-ties on the TWGS Cache card. Three of which you will need to modify. From the right, the first one needs to be cut or opened. The second one needs to closed (connected) and the fourth one needs to be closed. The resistor shown can be removed completely. In this picture it is cut and pushed to one side. The traces on this cache card are very small and covered over by a good coat of solder mask. What does this mean? You can stab yourself really easily trying to cut open that trace if you do not know what your doing. The BEST way to do it is with a pointy soldering iron tip, hot, push the center of the connection while rotating the iron. This will heat up the traces, and your rotation will separate them. To join the open jumpers you will need to scrape off the solder mask from above the traces, you need to see copper before you can solder here. The stab rule applies equally here too. Using a small flat screwdriver (NOT a blade) scratch the mask off the top of the traces. Most anything you solder here will probably be bigger than what your soldering to. I use component leads (resistor, cap, etc.) for jumpers. The best way to do this is with the lead still attached to the resistor, (so you have a handle) solder the thing until it sticks to both sides, check with a meter and then cut off the resistor. Again, these traces are very fragile once the mask is exposed and after you have soldered to them. It does not take much to peel them off the board. In addition to all these modifications you will need to obtain a version 1.8S EPROM.

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