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Manufacturer: Applied Engineering
TransWarp GS 8K Cache Module w/32K Installed
Original TransWarp GS 8K Cache board with 32K Installed.
The hardest thing to find are faster 32Kx8 SRAMs in the 600 mil (wide) 28 pin DIP package. The ERPOM above is a 600m size and the SRAMs installed on this board are 300m. The Zip GSX board is setup to hold either size with the addition of a proper socket. There are adapters available for the using 300m chips in a 600m socket but these would be thicker than the entire TWGS card and reach into the next two slots over. Since space is not a luxury within the Apple IIgs case this is not an option for most people. As you can see, spreading the leads of the 300m package will reach, barely reach, but reach the holes on the board. Since these are soldered chips you should have a way to test these SRAMs thoroughly before assembling this project. To give yourself some more reach, if you cut the 8K Chips out from the TOP OF THE LEADS instead of at the base you can bend over the remaining toward the center and solder to the top of these. I did not do it this way, but rather I removed the chips entirely from the board. In the lower left and upper right you will need to place some sort of separator under the chip and right up to the edge of the holes in the board because potential shorts due to exposed leads being so close to the board. There are no vias in the area under the upper right SRAM so there is no worry here.

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