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Assorted Floppy Drive Brackets.


These are some examples of various brackets manufactured by Apple Computer and 3rd party Mac 'Clone' Vendors for Mac "Portable" kits. The bottom one is the entire shelf assembly from the DynaMac. The held both the hard disk and floppy drive. The two stacked on top of each other on the left are (top) the Mac SE/II/Classic series "drop in bolt down from rear" bracket.
The one below (Left middle) is the inner assembly from the external 800K and FDHD drive. The right side lower is a from a Tempest Mac (Govt Conversion RF Isolation Project). Above (Middle left) is the spacer/RF Shield removed from the External drive. The top right is an FDHD still in it's bracket as removed from a IIcx/ci or Macintosh Portable. Depending on your setup and resources, you can use some of these. The next page deals with using PC floppy brackets.

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