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Standard PC and Apple Drive Assembly Side by Side


In this example we have two drives. A standard PC drive on the left and an Apple 800K drive on the right. In this case both drives are made by Sony. All PC drives made for standard use are made to the same mounting mechanical specifications. They will all fit the same brackets. The first thing you see is that the Apple and PC drives have the same set of 4 holes on the
bottom of the drive. The only difference you will find here is that the holes on the Apple drive are NOT TAPPED OUT. (Meaning there are the threads for screws). Since Apple never mounted a drive from the bottom these holes were never threaded. You can add the threads with a tap and die set if needed. But you will more than likly use the holes on the side of the drive instead. (See Below)
   The Apple drive is on top and the PC drive is the bottom drive. As you can see they are pretty much the same size except that the PC drive has a higher (appearing) profile on it's side. This is no higher than the highest part of the Apple drive. All PC drives tend to be made like this because they are sold as a complete module where as Apple drives are made to contracted specifications.
 The side holes are threaded and in the same position as on darn near every PC drive bracket. The difference would be the two rear holes. Looking at the PC drive you will see a set of holes in the middle area. The one to the right of the middle set is sometimes used on a few PC brackets instead of the one farthest to the right. A small setback if you have to drill out the hole. Keep this in mind when shopping for brackets.

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